Maybe you dream of getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight, being confident in your body, or being able to look yourself in the mirror and not avoid taking pictures.

Perhaps you want to take charge of your health, lose weight so that you can get pregnant, reduce your blood sugar, blood glucose, or cholesterol without spending too much money, eating only salads, or spending all your time in the gym.

Or maybe you already like your body, and you simply want to lose belly fat, stop wearing the excruciating girdle or body shaper, be able to wear your bodycon dresses, and stop avoiding going out with old friends.

There’s just one thing right now; you don’t know how to make that your reality.

Like a good student, you’ve learned everything you can about how to lose weight and belly fat.

You’ve read a lot on Google, watched every YouTube video, and put every tip, trick, and tactic into action, but you’re still struggling to get the results you desire.

You have cut out carbs from your diet, yet your weight is not changing.

You’ve secretly internet-stalked many weight loss coaches you admire and downloaded all their free resources, only to find that most of the information isn’t working for you.

You’ve probably even invested good money in weight loss programs only to wind up losing just a little weight, or you even lost a substantial amount of weight. Still, you’re struggling to maintain the weight, or you’ve even tried a group challenge, but you could not keep up with what’s happening in the group.

No matter what you do or how hard you try, you can’t seem to find a plan that fits your lifestyle or factor in your busy schedule.

Hi, I’m Adebusola.

I am a Medical Doctor, Certified Personal Nutritionist, and Weight loss Expert.

I can relate to you because I’ve been where you are now.

I became passionate about weight loss, health, and wellness after seeing many patients suffer from diseases that could have been well managed if they were at a healthy weight. I also personally addressed my own belly fat and body image struggles.

I run Fit4healthng, a weight management, health, and wellness company, that has helped hundreds of women lose weight sustainably.

Weight loss coaching made me realize that sustainable total body transformation begins in the mind, which drove me to start my specialized medical training in Mental Health.

Yep! I’m going to be a Shrink, and it’s too late for my mother to change my mind. 

I’m a firm believer in empowering people for a healthy lifestyle, and I have shared my expertise on platforms like docotal, thriveglobal, newmumshub, healthgist, smooth FM, etc.

I’m super excited about launching thrivebeyondpills.com because I hope to tackle Weight loss, Body image struggles, Motherhood and its challenges, Women’s health, and Mental health through weekly actionable blog posts and community engagement in the comment section.

My mission is holistic wellness that helps you thrive beyond pills with practical tips, step-by-step action plans, and straight talk.

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